Paper Submission

The manuscript, along with all the requested files, is uploaded to journal's system at DergiPark® (access is available at

The author should be first registered on DergiPark® system. Authors can register to the system through the link:

For each manuscript five separate files should be uploaded:

a. Title Page with author details

b. Main Text (including tables, figures, and appendices)

c. Reviewer Suggestion Form suggesting at least five reviewers from different universities who can evaluate the manuscript

d. Manuscript Checklist by which the authors confirm that their manuscript conforms to the journal's format guidelines

e. Copyright Form signed by all authors for the transfer of the copyright of the work accepted to be published

These 5 files should be prepared before uploading to the system. The title page and the main text should be prepared in accordance with the journal's format guidelines. Templates of the documents can be accessed through the link "Forms and Documents" on the journal's website.

Training videos to use DergiPark system are provided on the DergiPrak website through the "Usage Videos" link (available at

Detailed information on how to upload the manuscript is provided at

with the title

"6. Article submission process (for authors) (included in the process)".


This video should be seen before submitting a manuscript.

After username and password entry, manuscript upload takes place in 3 steps.

Each uploaded manuscript is undergone through a general check in terms of the paper’s suitability (such as the manuscript format and length) by the editorial assistant,

and if:

i.  Not all necessary files have been uploaded / there are missing files,

ii. The total similarity level determined by iThenticate software is over 30% and the similarity rate with one published article is over 5%,

iii. If there are major issues with regard to the required format of the submitted manuscript (Manuscript Format Evaluation Report),

either revision and re-submission is requested from the author or the submission is rejected.

If the manuscript is complete and meets all the format requirements, it is then sent to the area  editor. The area editor evaluates the scientific quality of the manuscript. If the manuscript is judged suitable for publication, it is then sent to three independent reviewers, whom are either proposed by the author or selected from the reviewer pool, for double-blind peer review process.

Each reviewer evaluates the manuscript and submits an evaluation form for reviewers including various comments. Based on the reviewer comments and the area editor's suggestion, the editor makes one of the following decisions on the manuscript: accept, request for revision or reject.


For paper submission :